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Torii's Genesis

Torii Pod by Luis Pons Design Lab is named after its inspiration, the torus, which is the fundamental form of balanced energy flow found in sustainable systems at all scales, from micro-atomic to macro-galactic. A torus consists of a central axis with a vortex at both ends and a surrounding coherent field. The simplest description of its overall form is that of a donut – an archetypal shape derived from a circle revolving in a three-dimensional space.


Within the energy field of the torus, each individual entity maintains its unique identity while also being connected with all else. A key characteristic of the torus is that at its very center, the entire system comes to a point of ultimate balance and stillness — in other words, perfect centeredness.




Working across hospitality, residential, and commercial properties, Luis Pons and his team strive to design experiential spaces that engage their inhabitants. His vision extends beyond architecture, interiors, and landscapes to encompass art, furniture, and objects.


Pons’ work is a breathing tapestry of sensory encounters and tactile concepts suspended in the tenuous space between assumption and dreams.

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